The ignorance and stupidity of current leaders

Our Governor, DeSantis, is a fucking moron. He’s an example of a person who doesn’t know their head from their ass. He opens up the beaches early so that the bars and the club owners do not lose out on their big Spring Break week and because liquor distributors had wanted him to keep the beaches open for their profit.

Never mind the lives that were loss because of the virus, or the people who became critically ill. It doesn’t matter if there was just one or a thousand deaths, the idea of opening up the beaches for profit is example of a crappy leader who doesn’t have the skill set to lead the people.

Now they issue a mandate to open up schools. When will they bite the bullet and tell people that the state needs to shut down completely, that every one must wear a mask or shield, that there are to be no bars or clubs open, that their should be no large gatherings of people.

Everything they have done has been half-assed. Everything they have done has been procrastination. Everything they have done has been because of profit.

These leaders are going to be the death of us Americans. They treat profit more importantly than they do the life of the citizen. They proved this time and time again, with all of their decisions. They have refused to commit to a strategy that benefits the many rather than the few.

This leadership problem extends beyond the state level. It goes to the federal level, with the failure of leadership in the capital. The decision makers are illogical and egotistical with their planning. They are short sighted and lacking in common sense.

The long term effects of the COVID19 virus will stay for decades, for those who survived its attacks. The long term effects on people will cause world wide damage for decades. Long after these leaders have retired to their golf courses and beach front properties, people will be suffering or dying because of their poor judgement.

It is baffling why Americans seem to think they can rest on the laurels of previous generations, making the claim that America is the best when we don’t rank number one in anything other than the destruction of our own people. Third world countries, which certain leaders have called a shit hole, are excelling at stopping the spread of the virus. Some of which are down to ZERO infections.

Why is it that these countries with the total GDP of a small county, can stop the virus and the wealthy and powerful America is still leading the world with infections? It’s because our leaders lack common sense and empathy. They are terrible people, terrible leaders and terrible decision makers.

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